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2019-04-10 16:01:14 (UTC)


I have to take up my responsibility as a father. I have to ensure my oldest (son) who has won a scholarship to America university to play football is well informed and prepared before the time comes for him to leave home (next year September) . Before then he has to convince him mum to allow him to go. I have to also ensure that the process of selecting the school to study and play football is well managed to ensure that we pick the best school for him. Also, before he leaves I have to prepare him for the real world out there. I will (with God's guidance) do the best I can so that he is equipped to deal with all life has for him in future. I am excited for him but I am also thinking of his siblings that he will leave behind at home. My second son (who has downs syndrome) will miss him immensely. The consolation I have is that even if he didnt go to America he would have to leave home anyway to go to university. I hope to help fill some of the void and will ensure I spend at least one to two days with him every 2 weeks. Once I start work in the first week of May I hope to rekindle the fortnight visit and this time I will plan it better. The weekend they spend with me, I will make sure we go out and do something adventurous or educational like visit a museum or theme park. I also plan to spend more time with my daughter, she is now 12 and I worry about her, especially after the oldest leaves home next year September when she will be 13 going 14 when she will need all the guardianship she can possibly get. I plan to build a meaningful relationship with her starting from next month (the weekend visits) and then also try and have a day out with her once every month or 2 months where it is just the 2 of us (going out).