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2019-04-09 22:19:10 (UTC)

I decided not to keep in contact with my ex wife

She got her paperwork from me so I think that I'm done texting with her. She too isn't the love of my life and she is a poisonous, narcissistic, selfish, confused, and she will go down in her life as the most selfish, untrusting person I have ever known. I suck at following the words in church. I know. I just can't give her my friendship. She is just too much of a bad person to even be a so-so friend. Whatever, not my problem. I will just wash my hands from this situation. It's not healthy for me and it only hurts me if anything. So I'm moving on with other things.

Did the gym thing again today. Today, we had to do laps two different times. I came in first on both. Me, the old fuck still can out job these younger peeps. Of course, my superstar friend wasn't there so the competition was not as tough :) We had our clique together again and one rookie. It was her first day. Pretty cute though. Blue eyes and she is actually already in good shape. She won't need to lose much in my book :)

As far as my mood throughout day regarding life? So-so I guess. It feels sort of like I'm in a train station waiting for a ride to go somewhere. Where? That part I don't know yet. At least I'm there at the virtual bus station looking for a ride to somewhere. Hope it's a good ride.