Do Not Disturb

2019-04-09 21:34:02 (UTC)

Math Stressed

I have one more month and I'm still stuck on chapter 10 in my Math lab. No matter how much I love math it will always be this stressful for me. And it's all online. Test and both homework... All in one. I would've dropped the class like every other 6 people that have done so but I couldn't. I have two more chapters to go and I will be done then I have to take the exam and I'm done for the class and won't have to show up anymore.

I have work tomorrow from 11-3 no matter how much I hate waking up in the morning. It's a job that I have to do no matter how much I hate doing so . I had a breakdown last week at work so that was fun ( sarcastically).

No wonder my period haven't been coming on lately.

I'm just about done with it all.

- A