Experienced Life
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2019-04-08 06:44:21 (UTC)

Last Sunday

Didn't make the hike last Sunday. Woke up late. So instead, I worked on my truck. I installed my HID headlights, remote start, and gps tracking on my phone. It also lets me start, stop, lock, unlock my truck via my phone. I tell you, electronics nowadays is so cool. I didn't get to see how bright my headlights were until it got dark so I drove around last night and it was fantastically bright. I love it!!!

I feel bad that I missed church last night. I know I need it to better myself. I think there's a Men's newbie member thing this Wednesday so I think I'll go. Having a hard time loving your neighbor. I try but I have to admit, I need to work on it :) With friends, it's so easy. I already love them so that's not a problem. It's the not so nice people that I have a hard time being loving to. I'll have to work on that.

Regarding my life, I'm wavering a little. Trying to stay positive but I'm starting to trip a little from time-to-time. I know the moment is when you should focus on. Being happy right here right now as often as possible is where I need to be. Not in dealing with the past. Not in what may or may not happen. The state of mind now is what I need to focus on. I know it. I'm not a rookie anymore. I should know better. Loving yourself isn't new to me. My ego is my worse enemy. My heart already knows the way to peace and serenity. I just need to follow through.