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2019-04-07 15:42:23 (UTC)


.....Reason 2 why I am depressed is because I don’t have a good relationship with my father. Yes I do love and adore my father but in most cases we don’t see eye to eye. He already has assumptions of me and he thinks I am a canning individual. He has hurt me emotionally on numerous times and this has really affected my self esteem generally. Let me show you some case scenarios and you tell me if am just a little dramatic brat… he once told me that I was cute as baby and now am just an ugly dark skinned woman. Another time my father almost fell down the stairs and in his superstitious mind whoever walked through the door was the devil, well unfortunately I walked in and immediately I was branded as the devil’s queen. The thought that my father called me the devil kills me each time I think of it. most time he has listened to what people said about me (mostly my step siblings) and he takes it to account…..