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2019-04-06 17:17:03 (UTC)

Wine tasting was on

We actually did go wine tasting today. Just the 3 of us It was good as usual. How can wine tasting not be good? I ended up buying a case of wine. haha. Then we went to a Chinese buffet. Not the healthiest of all meals but I love oysters and crab legs so it was awesome. Got home. Saw roomie on the TV. She knows how to work it now. haha. Oh God!!! I let her roll with it. I know she got nothing better to do. I already saw her earlier this morning have two double shots of tequila so yeah..... she is doing hr thing. I don't want drama so I simply leave her alone.

Tomorrow is the hike. Then I guess I'll go to the later Church session. I have to confess that I'm missing my ex gf a little. Don't know why. I know I"m stronger now than before. Oh well, nothing I can really do about it except to improve myself.