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2019-04-06 19:43:29 (UTC)


Tonight as I am writing these I am seated blank, I don’t know what am doing or what is going on in my life. All am trying to do is live and let life take its cause. I see all my friends on social media making it big and am here with no future as it seems. Am trying my best not to seem depressed but I swear to God am depressed to my bones. Well let me tell you why I am depressed; 1) am the first born in a family of eight but I do have other older siblings, well now you know I come from a polygamous family. My biological siblings look up to me as their hero and saviour, they have high hopes in me that my depression sky rockets when I hear them talk of me in high regards. I have never shown them that I am weak and that am failing, I always take on their promises with a smiling face but I never get to fulfil them anyway. Despite me lying to them on numerous accounts they still believe me and have expectations for me. This gives me an atom of optimism and honestly its what is keeping me going…