Do Not Disturb

2019-04-06 12:42:26 (UTC)

Morning Masturbation

You know like morning sex but morning masturbation.

Ever since me and JT started talking we've been masturbating to each other more than usual. I mean that's what happen when you don't have sex for long periods of time. It felt good. Great. Amazing.

He wanted to masturbate to me this morning but I was to tired to even do so even when I was surely ok with it. He said he be fine and that I should get some rest. Note this : We've done this 4 days in a row now. This will be day 5. I mean I don't mind but their are some days when I just wanna talk to him and that we always talk but you know without the sex even when their are days we talk without all the sexual tension.

So... What am I complaining about ???

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