Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-04-05 23:32:57 (UTC)

School Shooters

Do you ever hear about school shootings and think, “maybe the fuckers deserved it”
I know it’s the *wrong* thing to think but.... seriously though, they didn’t wake up one mourning and think “yeah ima shoot a bitch because I’m just bored” no they were motivated... it’s all cause and effect... *cause* john was an asshole and bullied Jim, the *effect* is Jim giving John a gut full of lead.... am I wrong?

Of course they also over shoot there punishments (more literal in this case than usual) and they fire at innocent men women and children.... for example the columbine shooting,yeah the most famous school, for all the wrong reasons.... Eric shot Rachel really just because she was christain, and that is a bit defendable. She was a god loving whore so she deserves a punch in the mouth like all the other gospel worshiping hypocrites but to be shot dead? No.... she definitely should not have been shot dead, in fact Rachel was one of the good christains... yeah those exist... well used to at least.... she was the last one I heard of that would actually help others in need... ANYWAY if you read what’s said during the shooting, you’ll hear some history... “you called me a fag, who’s the fag now?” “We’ve been waiting for this”... waiting? Yeah this was all premeditated murder... it was cold blooded murder but there was a reason.... the reason sure as hell isnt justafable to those who had nothing to do with the shooter's trauma but the kids who are barking at their ears sure had a reason to go down, some shooters only looked for the bullies and refused to shoot people they didn’t know, those guys can be properly called a “vigilante” but the one who also killed innocent are forever terrorist....

My only point is, some fuckers deserved it

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