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2019-04-06 02:44:09 (UTC)

"Просто о сложном" by ..

"Просто о сложном" by Наадя

April 6, 2019 Saturday 2:45 AM

What do to when your close friend basically tells you she's falling in love with you? Literally don't know.

I probably could've kissed a guy tonight, but he kissed my friend instead. It was weird.

A friend of mine, a guy who has just undergone a breakup with his boyfriend, was all "HOW ARE YOU NOT FUCKED? I WOULD FUCK YOU! BUT I'M GAY!" and it was very nice if not a bit much. "I'M LOOKING AT YOU RIGHT NOW AND I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE NOT FUCKED." I always think I'm absolutely sexless, unattractive. It's always quite shocking when people say those things.

Right after that, this one guy I've known since freshman year said, "For the record, I agree," and I was like "haha... ok" because it was nice of him to say but nope. His friend is the one that was flirting with me, and then made out with Nadiya, which was... I was kind of hurt, but like, it's not Nadiya's fault.

I asked Maria if they were lying, when they said I was pretty. Since it seemed both that guy and his friend were just manipulating anyways. But she said they weren't and that I was hot and that she'd marry me and she hated herself for falling in love with her straight friend and I was not that shocked (not as shocked as I should've been if I didn't, like... suspect) and I told her to not hate herself.

I am not too drunk, haven't been the whole night. Anyway it was a mess. But I came home and one of my suitemate's told me I was the bee's knees and it made it better. She is so nice.

Ok. Bedtime. Goodnight.