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2019-04-05 18:23:13 (UTC)

Busy weekend planned

Tonight, we almost went out with the gym peeps for dinner but a few were busy so we had to reschedule. Tomorrow, we go wine tasting with my friends. We have a couple of wine pickups in Placerville then we usually pick another one that we never visited before. Sunday is a hike with my other friends from the meetup group. Tonight, I'm going to try to see if I can get some of the truck stuff installed. My HID light kit and my remote start came in along with my app remote start so I can start, lock, unlock, and find where my truck is.

I didn't mention this but I think I dreamt about my ex gf last night. Not sure but I think we saw each other at a bar or something and I didn't know what to feel. It just tells me that I'm probably not ready to see her in real life yet. I'll get there but I guess it takes time.

For now, maybe a power nap then get on with installing shit in my truck :)