Life of a Highschooler
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2019-04-05 21:30:54 (UTC)

OMG, So young

Okay, so beginning. Hmm, so last night me and my BFF Gato ( anna), we made puppy chow ( Not the dog food) and we got in a small fight today, but we made up because, she is the best, and forgives me for my stupid mistakes. But here's a short version of how it happened. Since we made it at my house, we used my containers to carry it to school. So on the bus, I told her that I need to bring the containers home, because my mom told me to. And she wanted to keep the containers, so that they can take it to her house, and dump the food in one of her containers, but I had to bring it home right away! So we got in a fight, but we got it settled. It was a really STUPID fight, and I am so glad it's over :) So also today, since there was track, a whole bunch of other people rode the bus. So a bunch of people had to TRIPLE up. The seats are so tiny. And so I had to sit with Kya and her boyfriend Aaron. And what made me kinda gross out was, they are only like 12 and 13 like me, and Aaron started out with his arm around her shoulder. I looked away to talk to one of my other BFF's and a few minutes later, his hand was the middle of her back, and she didn't even like notice. Then I looked at another person and talked, and as soon as I looked back, his hand was at her butt. It was really gross. Now I am going to name the couples in our school, from best to ugliest. ( Well only in my grade)
1. Phancie and Jacob ( They are rlly cute together)
2. Jocelyn and Aiden
3. Alexa and Zac
4. Hailey and John ( They aren't dating, but they did. I am only going to tell people who like comment, why they don't date anymore)
5. Kya and Aaron
So yeah. That's all right now.
To be continued....