Experienced Life
2019-04-05 12:59:01 (UTC)

yesterday's gym event

Yesterday, we did AMRAPs at the gym (As many reps as possible). However, before that, we did an endurance test with the entire class. All it entails is that we hear a beep and run across a specific length before the beep. Then another beep comes and we have to run across again back to where we came from. The beeps get shorter. Less rest time and less time to make it across. We were a class of 30ish. A few at a time, people started dropping off. Then there'd be 10 left, then 3. I was one of them. Then just two. Me and this other guy that is very fit. Finally, I gave up but he gave up too. So, top two finish!!!! Not bad. Didn't realize how fit I was compared to other peeps in the gym. I felt great! Superstar wasn't there though or she'd blow me out of the water if she did.

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