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2019-04-05 11:59:19 (UTC)

Job Offer

I got a job offer this week and will know the terms of the offer today! It is a new beginning for me. This time i hope to build a professional and responsible life. A fresh start. Now, because it is a bank they will be doing their checks. I hope my credit doesn't count against me especially because I suspended paying off my arrangements in the last 2 months because I was out of a job. Given the opportunity i can explain my bad credit, I pray they will pass me to start the job. I am positive, there is nothing God cannot do!!

In the meantime the money i am expecting from the government (Social service) which was suppose to help with my rent will not be paid until May!! Due to their flawed process i am not entitled to payment until them . It is a mess really and so flawed. I have written my member of parliament and they took it up with the department of social services (called works and pension here). They just called me now to confirm I will not be receiving any payment until May but my situation has highlighted a flaw in their policy. It will be taken up and if there are enough complaints the policy will be looked at again. The bottom line is that i have no way of paying my rent in March at present.