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2019-04-03 21:33:24 (UTC)

HID kit came in

My HID kit came in. For peeps that don't know what that is, it's headlights that will replace my halogen low beams. Halogens suck ass. These HID kits will light up my path for sure. Maybe 5 times brighter than what it is now. You know how sometimes some care you can't tell if the headlight is on when your driving in pretty bright streets? Well, with these, you will know if it's on or not. When your up in the mountains driving where there aren't much lights, this will really show you the way. Very good in detecting deer on the side and you have a slightly better chance of not hitting them when they bolt because you will see better.

Not sure when I'll have time to do this. Perhaps this Saturday? I could maybe get it done during the week but I don't want to rush it and my arm isn't 100% feeling good so it'll be slower for me to install. We start dart league this Sunday. I want to go hiking with friends instead so I'll make sure I don't play this particular Sunday.

Also, there was a fire sale going on for a remote start for my truck. it was 50% off so..... I bought it. Supposedly, it's plug and play also. Then.......they had another plug and play module that makes it so you can remote start your from your phone from great distances along with remote lock, unlock features from far away. Wherever gps can reach I guess. But the biggest thing was that I can locate my auto with my phone. Yeah!!! I like that feature. Had it in my Acura before I let the service expire. But for the truck, I want it and it's only 30 bucks a year to maintain that app so it's way cheaper now. Just need to figure out how to install it and I should be able to with no problem.

Work was busy again today. Went by really quickly. Got to the gym early as usual. Session starts at 4:30 but I get there at 4 to jump rope and stretch before class. Then after class, I hang around for 20-30 min to do more jump rope. I'm getting better at it and I'm showing my friend how to do crossovers now :) It's funny how in the morning it hurts everywhere. Then by the afternoon, it's all good. They say it takes 23 hrs for your body to recover and so I guess it's true. Tomorrow it's AMRAP!! This is where I really hurt because it's at your own pace as many reps as possible. So we do about 6 different things and do whatever reps they tell us to do on each station. Since we aren't going at a class pace, I end up going way too fast way too hard and the next day, I hurt like a mother.-effer!! haha.

I'm getting along better with my roomie. I just know what not to ask or say with her anymore. Just want to keep the peace in the house so I keep our conversations casual. She said she bought something for me and it was candy. pfft! Told her I don't eat candy much and the candy that I do buy, it's for our guests. She said she was eating them so now she's starting on my food. Wish she'd just buy her own stuff but whatever. Life is too short to bitch about candy. But I hope she remembers it's for the guests.

I've toned down on the youtube vids. I feel like I'm on a different level than I was 6 months ago. I learned a lot from them and I'm using what I learned and just applying it now. Hopefully it's not a think I keep having to think or remind myself of. I hope it's just something that comes instinctively instead. I'm sure there'll be peaks and valleys and I'm ready for them :)

I'm not getting fb reminders of the past and they're good ones. It's for when I'm wine tasting, kayaking, fishing, and camping with friends. Now those are cool memories that I love. It's all good stuff. Can't wait to make more memories this summer.

My Sister called. She said she put herself on a wait list for her timeshare in Canada for 7 days. 3 in Victoria and 4 in Vancouver. So we shall see what happens. Oregon is still on I think and my other friend is still on for Alaska. Vegas is always an easy-peasy cheap but fun trip. Our dart finals will be in Reno.

That's all I got for now diary. Didn't get laid and not dating anyone. No time really and I haven't really asked anyone out too so yeah, they're not going to just fall on my lap. My fault for not making much of an effort.

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