Do Not Disturb

2019-04-03 21:50:38 (UTC)

Single As A Pringle

We broke up. Things weren't just working out... Mainly for me. Don't give me wrong I still somewhat love him and that he'll always have a place in my heart but as of now I'm a FREE woman and I can do whatever I want whenever I want and that includes texting JT.

It took him a while to get the hint of me wanting to break up with him.

Me and Jt fell asleep on the phone last night and it was actually quit nice besides his constant snoring.

I liked it. I also did something last night that I thought I'd never do and that my friend is masturbating.

I masturbated whilst thinking of him.

What can I say?

I was horny.

It was weird at first considering I've never done such a thing. I mean I've tried before but it didn't feel right and this time it did.

Watched a bunch of YouTube videos today on my day off ( mainly vlogs). I'm starting to think this fast food job I'm working at isn't for me.

P.S. I'm really craving for some donuts right about now.

- A