Walter Plinge
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2019-04-02 15:53:12 (UTC)

The meds!

So I'm now two and a somethign somethign weeks deep into aking a good ol' lexapro medication, and whilst it curbs my suicidal tendencies (on a good day) it actually ruins everythgin else. For one, i can't sleep, for two, I'm eating, a lot!

I'm tryin g to be creative, I pulled ut of university, and I'm well and truly in the pits, canne find work, cant feel like I can do anything, a good thing? I have plenty of savings to eat.

Its 3am and im playing civilization V whilst trying my best to be quiet, my house is hollow and my roommates sleep like babies, ij the actual sense, they start streeching from the slightest noise,

harsh maybe but frankly am