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2019-04-02 00:21:12 (UTC)

Giovanna Cantu (BranVanna or Giandon)

5/27/2015: Start of a boyfriend named Cantu:
In 4th period, Giovanna asked to be with her boyfriend named Brandon Tomas, and she is getting a great start for her conversation in the gym, and she did very sweet talk for the message. Then after that, Giovanna texted her boyfriend in 5th period while her teacher is doing a discuss talk in class, and ELP4 she rushes with Brandon. In after lunch in 6th period, Giovanna has a tantrum, because her classmates are leaving for such a crybaby person for the Bingo game challenge. Poor Giovanna.
5/28/2015: Cantu is staring at her. (not yet for the update)
5/29/15: Her classmates are leaving for the last day of 2015 seniors week in minimum day:
Giovanna starts to get fall down with her true prince.
6/01/15: No school for seniors week: Giovanna stares at Brandon in PE, and she wanted to kiss him on the cheek instead of fooling around with Alejandro for the table around in 4th period, and she was taking a video for the spinning around.
6/02/15: 4th period fitness test: Giovanna is still winning for her boyfriend's errands, and she cheers for the running race. 1 Lap! Then she asks "Do you have a girlfriend?" slightly. She was screaming for the romance that she loves Cantu.
6/05/15: Last day of school, and she got excused and nobody's in outside:
On 6th period while everyone is watching a movie, Giovanna still loves Brandon alot. Then her teacher wanted to go inside, because there was nobody in there outside for the activity movie in Big Hero 6.
7/23/15: Start of a tour around in school: Giovanna just sawed Brandon once in a senior lawn, and her boyfriend wanted to come over and introduced a bad boy named Esteban.
7/24/15: She was looking for her: Giovanna just stared at her eyes on him.
7/29/15: Elp5 got very wrong for the cute eyes: Giovanna just screamed for the true romance, and she is in love with him.
7/30/15: Period 2 time to get in class: Giovanna says I love you to Cantu. Then after math, Giovanna says shut up to Lopez and she sents to the middle room.
05/24/16: Saving for the slap fight while her teacher is gone: In 5th period, pro hour, she broked up with Esteban, and she slapped Eric in the face, and she sent for the 20 minute timeout while Brandon is still waiting his girlfriend got in a little bit of timeout, and she apologized to Eric for hitting so hard especially for Brandon slapped Esteban and he sent for the middle room in 16 or 17 minutes for the getting mad so hard, and he just almost hold his Giovanna's hands while we're on a jail.
9/16/15: Giovanna is not invited for Eric's 16th birthday party in September 26th on a Saturday racing: After she came back in the bus in Ms. Williams room, she got very upset for the inviting over, and after that she was screaming in entire other classmates.
10/08/15: Boys table got innocent: After Giovanna stills in love with Brandon, she wanted to sit on the boys table, and she was mad at Ramces Francisco, that she wanted to stay away from the boys table.
10/13/15: Leaving for the bothering distance: Giovanna decided to leave him alone, and she was screaming, and she's with Esteban right now.
8/11/15: Breaking up and cheating: Giovanna had a outburst issue, because she and Esteban are breaking up, and she went to the nurse for the scratch reason but she will not go outside again.
8/17/15: Selfish acts: Giovanna wants to be with Esteban and he said no, and suddenly, the other classmates went back to class, and she is still screaming. Then Ricardo just getting rid of Esteban.
4/4/17: Spliting and rumoring: After that, Kate want to in love with Ricardo.
11/02/16: 5th period preparing: After wise that Ricardo just talked to Brandon that Giovanna is my girlfriend, and Brandon slapped Giovanna.
8/20-8/21/15: On Elp2, Thursday, she sawed Cantu for the princess, and Friday is the luwow assembly but she just sawed Brandon once.
5/25/16: Last day of the walking: Giovanna that she hates Eric.

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