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2019-04-01 09:38:30 (UTC)

A day off!!

Woohoo!! A day off. Only found out last Thursday that was are off today for whatever reason. I think it's Ceasar Chaves day or something? Regardless, I get a lot of stuff I can take care of now. I can still hit the crossfit class today too!!! Truck is nice and clean. Washed and waxed :) So purrrrrty now.

I should try to purge some of my stuff in the house and garage. I have some lamps in the room that don't even work or the bulbs are out but haven't used them in years. I'm sure there is stuff in the garage that I can donate or just simply trash if I wanted to and wouldn't miss it at all .Maybe a little bit of cleaning too. My car sure needs some help. I go to the auto car wash for it but maybe a stripping of the wax and just clean the overall inside of it maybe?

Oh yeah. I dreamt about my ex gf last night. Nothing happened in it. I think if anything, we may have held hands. Hard to remember it all but the mind is that way sometimes. Flashes of shit you don't really need in your life. Life is too short. Need to get rolling onward and upward.

Haven't really had much to eat yesterday. Only because the day before, I had a big ass juicy steak dinner from a restaurant called the Blank Angus. 16 ounce porterhouse with a baked potato and a large mug of Guinness. haha. It was good. Yesterday after doing an hour or two or on again off again jump roping, I weighed about 156-7 so it's not bad. You can't really mess up with just intermittent bad dinners from time-to-time. Just need to eat right most of the time and keep working out. I do rarely east sweets though. Sugar is the thing that probably does the most damage to you.

Finally, I ordered so much crap online. Mostly for my truck. Coolest thing is the HID lights for my low beams. The stock is halogen and it's so lame. People think L.E.Ds are the thing but for headlight, you should go with HID always. The rest can be L.E.Ds if you like. Most of the stuff I ordered are electrical. I got a fuse panel box because I already know I will be adding a lot of lighting so I need a junction box for all of these to keep it neat. My under dash lights came in. They look so cool when I tested them out. I have a remote with the option to change it to 9 different color scheme or to make them change slowly and rotate colors or bounce around if I'm playing music. I had to also get wiring for the power. 14 and 16 gauge wires. A master resettable 100 Amp fuse. Extra panel clips in case I break those little plastic tabs that hold your panels and some engine panels. A USB hub power connector specific to fit Toyota's panel that I will mount to be always on so I can have my engine off and it can still charge without a key. I need it for charging my phone while camping. But just to make sure the led on it isn't draining my battery, I will install a toggle on/off switch for it to. I have more stuff but I already forgot some of the things I ordered. I just want the headlights to be replaced so that' the main thing.

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