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2019-04-01 11:44:48 (UTC)


And now for something completely different...
Saw one of these on FB today, and decided to complete it.
* How old are you: 42
* Surgeries: 2 (vasectomy, shoulder injury)
* Tattoos: 0
* Ever hit a deer? Nope. A deer hit me.
* Ridden in an ambulance: Yep
* Ice skated: No
* Ridden on a motorcycle: Yes
* Stayed in hospital: Yes, but not as a patient. I stayed overnight with my father once.
* Skipped school: Yes
* Last phone call: I sang "happy birthday" to a nephew. Too bad it was the wrong number...!
* Last messaged: My ex, with some specific relationship-related conversation
* Watched someone die: No
* Pepsi or Coke? Ginger Ale.
* Favorite pie: Lemon Meringue
* Favourite pizza: Pineapple & Black Olive
* Favorite season: Autumn
* Broken bone: Yes
* Received a ticket: Yes
* Favorite color: Purple, I think. Either that or Green or Orange.
* Sunset or Sunrise: Sunrise
* Beach or mountains: Beach
* Who will play along: I don't post on FB, but I like doing these kinds of things.
* Cat or Dog: Cat
* Watch someone give birth? Yes... Does an alpaca count? Do nature videos count?
* lazy or fitness: Fitness
* kids: NEVER (I suppose most people put a number as the answer here)
* Samsung or iPhone: cheap-ass, non-smartphone
* Favourite alcohol: Gin

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