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2019-03-29 20:05:37 (UTC)


Match 29,2019
This month alone brought out a lot of situations up to the ocean to be real with you guys. However, being almost done with community college is so bittersweet though. I’m gonna miss the fresh air and the people I have met but it’s time to move on to finish my last goal and start my own family it’s time to have a less stressful life after college is fully complete. I owe myself that. Spring is finally here and I can’t wait to the warmth to take hold of me.
It’s been 6 years I wrote bout lust, depression and anxiety binge episodes and suicide / pairnoid situations. My sprawl of dark web phase that lasted too long. My first official relationship that irl ( in real time) .... so there’s much more that spent days on here spilling my thoughts to feel comfortable in my skin that I’ve suffered from a lil girl.
So there’s a month left till finals are officially begins but rn am thinking too far head because today not to stress over of that what ifs.
Since the first day of March I texted my high school crush and other friends too which I loved and I enjoyed the most.
I bet you guys are curious what happened this spring break 2019 well it’s so unbearably not forget (I won’t go into deep detail) I’ll be trying to make that new change very soon.
My surprise today around early parts of the morning I was out and bout and much older guy and woman were flirting and brought back all my memories of my ex and it made feel so uncomfortable and I thought it would pass by now considering that am single once more.
Next month I’ll be year older which means I can’t be playing games with my future especially if I really want enjoy family life you kno!
I still have anxiety bout starting next degree but it’s the new normal for next two years. I’ll be okay, i will make it.
I sorta kinda talked to my sis but not completely yet hopefully when she’s fully get settle in her new life Army . No sad tears, just happiness memories of us together...
I won’t be back on after this entry sorry to say but it’s time to fully focus on my future , I’m hoping to be back before i have my first child if not I’ll try my best to update you guys what has happened in those lost years. Thank you, for the strength and support and love that I have received through the years.
I’ll see you guys later, have a nice night and a great summer. Always and forever Stay Strong! Foreseen shadow