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me and my life
2019-03-29 17:48:32 (UTC)


Mom is not feeling well. She has got abdominal problem bloating acidity gases also she has fatty liver. She is facing this problem since many days m worried yesterday I took her to specialist but today also she is not feeling good also she is feeling fatigue and weak m so worried over to that my dad bothers her a lot and we just can't do anything about it. God pls let my mom be fine soon I beg for her good health and happiness. She is your child pls pity on her. Let's see how she feels tomorrow. I feel so upset. Now dad is super fine and his haramipanti has again started, he is a curse in my mom's life he is pain in ass.. He keep nagging mom about everything. He mentally torture her. Sis is at Allahabad for marriage function will be back in Wednesday.
Monku n me are looking for banquets, m worried about mom after me getting married... How will things be. How will I manage to take care of her.