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2019-03-29 12:59:17 (UTC)

old me

This day I felt so very unconscious.. why all of this sudden days i did my best but my best didn't enough.. how can I get out being depress nowadays.. No one knows how I feel.. no one knows that I'm not feeling well... I think I'm just an option to my friends nowadays... I miss my old friends in school.. I miss them so much.. I really miss them.. I always thought to myself that how can I get back to those days that I;m still happy that we always been there each other.. I miss them so much... many thoughts inside my mind... I don't know what to do.. I really don't know what to do.... Being sad nowadays and being depress makes kill myself... Actually I already did it to myself.. to be a sad.... lonesome.. I really hope that I have a true friends who always there for me.... I miss my old me... and I really miss it.... I'm fucking miss my old self......

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