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2019-03-27 22:45:28 (UTC)

Maris Redona Crying Moments

On 9/12/18:
Rolando: Why are you crying?
Mariana: Because of 3 fucking murders!
Rolando: Forget them!
On 10/20/18:
Rolando: What happened?
Mariana: Esteban kicked me.
Rolando: Aww I'm sorry! *hug*
Mariana: *hug*
On 11/14/18:
Rolando: Maris! Wait up!
Mariana: *tries to keep open the door and knocks on the door*
Esteban's Mom: Hi Maris, did you talk anything?
Mariana: About what?
Esteban's Mom: Your ex?
Mariana: Esteban! We had to talk!
Esteban: Okay, what is it?
Mariana: You are a stubborn! *crying*
Rolando: What did you just say?
Mariana: Esteban is a stubborn!
Rolando: Stop saying that Maris!!!!
Mariana: *slaps Esteban*
Esteban's Mom: How dare you to slap my son!
Rolando: Shit! Stop it!
Esteban's Mom: Call the cops.
Mariana Rolando: No.
On 3/14/19:
Mariana: You lied to me!!!
Esteban: Stop!

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