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2019-03-27 22:25:19 (UTC)

Maris Redona Love Timeline

2008-2012: Franco H: as Jessa L. Hernandez (2008-10)
In 2008, Jessa starts dating with Franco since she was in 3rd Grade, and she wants to be friends with him, and broked up in 2010, and she wasn't feeling for her date. (8-10) (divorced: 11-12)
2010-11: Ethan Jacob: as Natalie L:
In 2010, Natalie falls in love with Ethan, when she was 10 years old, and after that she wants to break up with him. (10-11)
2012-: Jeremy John: as Kiara C:
Kiara starts dating with Jeremy, and they ended up quick. (12-13)
2013-14: Paolo T: as Kimberly T:
Kim starts dating and keep hugging in front of her teacher and other classmates and staff.
2014-2017: Esteban G: as Savannah G, Giovanna C, Katerina L, and Katerina R:
In realize that Savvy is in love with Esteban. Later on they separated and divorced in 2017
2015-2017: Brandon C: as Giovanna C, Katerina L:
Giovanna is in love with Brandon, when she was met in 4th period p.e.
2016-19: Ricardo L: as Katerina L, and Mariana R:
Kate starts in love with Ricardo
2017-19: Rolando R: as Katerina L, Daniella, Alexa, Fretzie, and Mariana R:
After she mets with Rolando, she is gonna in love with him together.