Life of a Highschooler
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2019-03-27 00:30:43 (UTC)

Looking for IBF

Hey, haven't been on in a while. So I am looking for a ibf that is easy to talk to and is on alot and won't judge. So if you are the person, comment/private message me on here. So yeah. If you have done that, yay! We can talk a lot. So now about my life, so i asked this one guy out, he's pretty cute and he said yes, so thats good. Um, also me and my friends are all good, ,no drama yet...lol. One of my bffs moved away and so yeah. One of my crushes got a girlfriend so I am a little jealous, because he goes to my school and I see him everyday whereas, my "boyfriend" is long distance. I am nervous about our relationship because he has a reputation of being a "player" and I don't know what he is doing everyday. He hardly texts so, it makes me nervous. I'll tell more to my IBF, because I don't want everyone to know. So yeah, i'll see if anyone wants to be my IBF, hope i get a few ;)

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