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2019-03-26 15:19:17 (UTC)


I did the interview yesterday and I wasn't asked about all the technical stuff I read on data and biusiness analysis, i was asked scenario based questions mainly and how I deal with the situations, like, difficult stakeholders, stakeholders wioth different views, communication with team members etc

I have another interview tomorrow and another one on Thursday! They are coming thick and fast!
I have accepted the american university scholarship on behalf of my son without his mum's consent for now. It is too good an opportunity to let go. Now we are into the second barrier. Making the payment, I have told them i cannot afford the payment so they have come up with a repayment plan which is favourable but unfortunately it involves a credit check which I know i will not pass! So what next? I hope to go back to them to ask if we can put the name of someone else (to get the loan) and then he can make the repayment. Who is this person now I don't know because people will be very reluctant to do this.