Matt's thoughts.
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2019-03-26 17:36:30 (UTC)

It was a meltdown

My previous entry was me having a melt down, life for me is ok, repetitive, internet with tons of entertainment, Loving family, no abuse. I just cant deal with school, every time I think about it I about explode, which is pretty stupid but, no one prepared me for it, and I dont believe I can step up to it. Maybe just one step at a time, I'll get through it, I just need ways to manage my work and stress. And i need less night shift hours at my job and I should be fine. I will no doubt have another melt down before the end of next term (quarter), and when that happens I will ahve plenty of money to buy things like nootropics or something else. Nootropics are cool, expensive, and wont solve lifes problems, but they will help with mood and motivation, give me more energy.
I just need to get good sleep and grow up, I think, unless there is an actual underlying problem...