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2019-03-25 19:30:53 (UTC)

Getting hit from all sides

You know, I can roll with the punches. Take an emotional hit, and I can roll with it. Regroup and recoup, then I'll be ready for another one. But I got hit with several things that really suck.

1st, my ex wife texted me again reminding me she has lawyers sending papers and I need to sign it to allow the boy to have a name change. She says it's so she can get social security because his real bio-dad passed away years ago. What happened was that I thought he was mine so I signed the birth certificate. Only years later, I found out he wasn't biologically mine. Well, this isn't a good feeling and who know what the ex wife is up to? My mind is thinking she may be after child support maybe but she says it's just for me to give permission to change his name.

2nd, my ex gf posted a pic. Sometimes I can't filter everything facebook posts. She posted a pic of what looks like Vegas. What gets me is that we had a trip planned. We had planned on going to Mexico at about this date. However, we could also change it to Vegas as one of the other options. So, seeing that reminded me of the past. What we were going to use as our vacation, she instead used it for her. No pics of anyone. Just of the hotels all lit up but it hit me and got me depressed too. A reminder of my failure.

3rd, my roommate is driving me nuts with her craziness. She keeps wanting to bring a man over and I don't want anyone coming to this house. She can't even remember names. If she can't get her way, she gets all bent out of shape and gets pissed and becomes mean. It's really a drain and I don't like it at all.

Finally, I think I'll end up getting another neck surgery as it's pinching my nerves making my arms numb. I know it'll happen and I can't help but be a little nervous and scared. Not a minor surgery and I'm only assuming that I will even get to have surgery.

So yea, from having a woman a year ago, loving life, physically fit, to now. I'm physically beat up, I'm having regrets and sadness from not being with my girlfriend anymore. Ex wife is giving me drama and my roommate is driving me nuts. So I'm depressed. I can't take on the whole world from all sides. This sucks and I"m so so emotionally tired. How long do I have to always have to keep fighting. I'm oh so tired.

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