2019-03-26 02:33:39 (UTC)

To my parents

Thank you for all that you do
But im starting to get really tired of you
All your i love yous and the i miss yous
My love for you has become way overdue
Its expired
And stop tryna get me to love you… just retire
You didnt even care
U made it to where my heart cant even be repaired
You think youre all i need
Well ur not and thats fucking indeed
Its hurting me bodily
You cant even begin to imagine
All this shit you put me through just leave me alone
I never wanted you and I never needed you
You left my life man I shoulda known
I feel betrayed
All you ever worry about is getting laid
I was never a priority so dont act like I was
I am tired of it cause I have had enough of it
I wish you and mom would just split
stop putting me thru all this hell
I feel dizzy like im ridin a carousel
with that being said I wanna wish you farewell
So goodbye

I am not killing myself but I am saying I want them to just stop and let me live my life and not hurt me emotionally.

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