Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-03-24 23:27:37 (UTC)



Would. You. Not. Fire. For. One. fucking. Second!
I’m writing this as my brother is doing all that work, because I’m done. I’m done with this boss. I can’t handle it. I literally die before I get back into the area. How the fuck is that fair? I can’t even make it to where I’m able to damage shadow trap before he fires of all his missiles and I fucking die.... this boss makes me want to stab my self, over and over.... when I get mad I start to think about making up conversations in my head. Like I’m talking to myself.... and I always think about a person being mean to me then I beat them up or something like that.... it sure why, while I was deciding to fight along with my brother I had this thought in mind where my sister was saying how I can’t tolerate pain very well.... my thought included showing her how much pain she could tolerate

Update: the game is called, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!, and it was the claptrap DLC

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