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2019-03-24 13:52:07 (UTC)

Lesson from Church

Went to church today then shopping at Costco. Sure got humbled. Funny thing while there. As you folks know, I'm having issues with my spinal area near my neck. It's bone-to-bone and they'll need to stick a disc between the bone to relieve my nerve pinching. Anyway, during church, I swear I got this overwhelming feeling telling me it'll be ok. Instant calmness came over my body. No shit!

Anyway, topic for today's sermon was more of an interview with a certain lady. The church has a program that funds foreign countries with child abuse. In Cambodia, they are so poor they sell their kids. This lady was sold at the age of 12 to a brothel. She got saved by a program that the church helps fund. They got her out of the brothel, into a safe house and eventually to America. She is now 24, living in Sacramento, got her diploma, went to salon school, and is now working as a stylist. Way better off than being in a brothel at 12.

It makes my issues and problem so freaking minor. Almost ashamed to bitch about my life right now. Here I am complaining about my room mate when there are really world problems. I'll try to be a better person.. Sigh.....