Do Not Disturb

2019-03-24 06:50:02 (UTC)

Work was Hell

Work was hell today. They put me on the register even when I didn't know how... They were gonna teach me anyways. I learned where most of the stuff go. I needed help along the way ( which seemed fine by the manager ).

I got frustrated by it because everyone was telling me that I was slow but when I try and help they don't want me touching anything... Mainly Antonio. He's such a pain in the ass... It sucks. I literally almost had a break down right their at work where everyone could see it and it was getting close to closing time so I had to make sure everything was clean. Mainly the dining area, restrooms, ect... I wanted to go to the bathroom and.... SCREAM !!!

But sadly it didn't happen. I was just ready to go home just like everyone else was but I got to go early before they shut everything down. I was also very hungry. That also explains why my mood was the way it was today. I haven't eaten anything since I had lunch before work. Every one is giving me such a hard time. I said it before but I'm going to say it again.

One of the mangers that I didn't like quit the job today.

Is it bad that I'm okay with that ???

On the other hand, J winked at me today... Weird ikr. He's been doing a lot of things weird lately.

Okay... I'm tired now.

- A