Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-03-23 05:53:22 (UTC)

A Kid Named Terrell

This was a few months ago and yes the kid is expelled so yes I’m safe!

One day a kid named Terrell seemed to have unsettled emotions. He kept on picking on this boy named Santiago, calling him gay and threats that seemed more than over necessary. These two had some history for sure, because it was just out of the blue and I’ve never seen these two in the same class before. This happened during science class, and the teacher at the time was a big softy. He never want to call staff and would rather tell the kids to settle down so no one gets punished. I can tell you right now if a kid gets out of their chair and starts walking to point B while shouting death threats, it’s safe to say you have to call back up. Again I know you want to ask for more information on these two but I’m telling you right now, this was just out of the blue and it was after lunchtime. These two never had a problem with each other in here before and there was no reason for it to go anywhere. All Santiago did was sit there, even while he got death threats being shouted at him he still remains seated quietly with his head down ignoring. They weren’t even feeding off of each other's energy, Terrell only built up anger on his own emotions. Terrell walks over to Santiago and pulls the chair beneath his ass. Instead of falling Santiago quickly stood up and threw a loud punch the Terrell’s left cheek. The teacher has yet to call for back up. Terrell grabs Santiago and slams him to the ground. It wasn’t a little body slam though, I mean this is the shit you see on WWE! He jumps up and positioned Santiago's head facing down putting all the energy and force from the weight of both of them together and slams his head first thing into the ground. Blood started running from Santiago's head and it quickly grew a blood puddle the size of his face. Now the teacher calls for staff... ARE YOU A FUCKING IDIOT!!! IT LITERALLY TOOK THIS LONG TO REALIZE THIS IS A SITUATION THAT NEEDS BACK UP?!?! Dumbass teacher! At the same time even if staff was called earlier, I’m unsure if it would have changed the out come because it all happened so fast. Now here’s something you may not know about men. When adrenaline kicks in they can become the strongest things alive. Despite his skull being slammed open and bleeding, he held on very tight on to Terrell. How good was the grip? Well the two staff who came by where professional strong men and, (omg they look so awesome and handsome and their big muscles are just-! Ehm, anyway ), they couldn’t get them to separate. Perhaps you understand now that no matter the work out schedule, a man's adrenaline will always overcome anyone. Eventually paramedics came by and Santiago was rushed to the hospital, in case you are wondering yes he made it, yes he’s alive and yes he’s doing just fine. Terrell was or still is locked up behind bars for sure. Terrell had lots of friends here and everyone was defending his ass. Why? Even the kids in the room think Santiago was in the wrong! In what way was Terrell in the right? “Santiago hit first, he started the fight” excuse me? Really? Did you not see what Terrell was doing? Terrell 100% started that fight in every way, shape and form you dumb ass! Santiago I believe is home schooled now, but only because he can’t handle getting up on his own anymore. I heard he needs staples not just stitches. BUT HEY.... this was all in like December so nobody really thinks about it anymore, we all think of the current drama that happens.