Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-03-22 17:54:29 (UTC)

My School is S L O W

I’ve been in this special school since September I think, maybe before then. And I mean ‘special’ as in dumb, the kids here are fucking idiots. Why am I here? Because I started talking about violent thoughts so my home school said “sorry but it’s unsafe for you to be here, once you clear your mind and catch up in work you may come back”... welp, this meant I’m put in with a bunch of half wits! One kid named Kyle is one of the dumbest, I can tell he bluffs way to much but I act like I believe him. One time he said, “oh come on miss! Regular school can’t be this hard why do we have to do this?” ...BITCH YOU ARE DOING 2nd GRADE WORK!!! I swear to god if you can’t figure out that 6x6 is 36 in under one minute you shouldn’t be allowed to call yourself a high schooler. I gave him a work piece from what I did in 9th grade last year, he couldn’t figure out how 6b(7 x 6 - 40) = 48 is b=4... and yes I did that in my head, he didn’t even want to attempt. He just said, “nope, nevermind! I can’t do that”. One kid named Isaiah muttered “what’s 8x8” under his breath. I know he was just thinking out loud, but I turned to him and said 64 so he could pass the warm up. In science we were supposed to be dissecting a shark but the science teacher got fed up with the school and left. I CANT FUCKING BLAME HIM.... so now our new science teacher that we got this week is teaching us about the wheel and axel.... WHEEL AND AXEL??? I swear I’m in elementary school! FML!! I’m not learning anymore, I don’t think I’d ever say this but I want to learn stuff again! I want to go back to school, one where the teacher teaches. I want an adult standing in front of the class telling us how to do things. Back in November the math teacher at the time had no idea what he was doing and I was the one walking around and teaching the class how to find absolute value.... how the fuck did this teacher get into ASU without know this shit? Let alone actually graduating from the damn place! That right there paints a bad image for me of that university. Hate my fucking school. We also have a class called “Life Skills” and these kids have disabilities that prevent them from understanding such concepts. But these kids I’m with are just acting stupid so they don’t have to deal with actual education. I want out of this school NOW!!! Something that this school does is pay you for attendance. Yup, I’m lvl. 5(max) and I get $100 /month... it’s supposed to be a rewarding system to treat those who follow expectations. Yeah it’s cool right now but when I grow up I need an actual fucking job because no matter how much I make here it won’t last a week in the real world. EQUIP ME WITH A FUCKING JOB AND EDUCATION!!! NOT A FUCKING CHECK....being in there drives my patientce....