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2019-03-22 17:39:49 (UTC)

Haha. Just like high school

So I'm at home. Feeling fantastic. I got my Tonneau cover installed on my truck. It looks fantastic. I love it. I am so ready for camping, kayaking, etc, etc. I can't wait for summer!!! Hell yeah!!! I miss kayaking, camping, and all the bullshit fun that comes with it. Here is how it looks. Now I can pack my stuff and stop anywhere to eat if I want without anything getting ripped off.

BTW, I'm avoiding my roomie. She's not gonna bring me down today. I'm in a fucking great mood. Every time I go out of my room, she comes out so I go back in. Later, when she is tucked into her bedroom (or so I think anyway) and no matter how quiet I am, she finds me outside and hangs out. I pretend to forget something in my room and go back in. So she goes in her room and I sneak out again. hahaha. Then, she comes out an busts me so I play Alexa and it's pretty loud. It's hooked up to a good stereo system. Still that bee-atch still tries and attempts to talk to me. Fuck!!!!!!! Not mad at her but I don't want to deal with her today. Not gonna mess with my mojo!!

So? I pretend my phone rings while she's talking to me and I pick it an and start talking bullshit to no one. I leave the stereo on and pretend to go to my room so I can hear my fake phone call. So here I am, in the room with my phone and laptop. Oh yea, I posted my pics on my FB Tacoma forum and I'm immediately getting dozens of texts from peeps wanting to buy one too or just admiring and congratulating me on a good buy :) Not letting anyone kill my high right now.

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