Do Not Disturb

2019-03-21 21:16:31 (UTC)

She quit

Worked today from 11-4 .

Also as of today his girlfriend quit the job.... Officially. But I also wonder if Antonio ever told her about me liking him. Most likely.

I also told J how I use to like him. Big mistake. All he told me was how he already have a girlfriend when I specifically told him that I USE to like him... Key word.

Then it gets worse.... When I told him all he said was," Ok." So, their goes any chance of that happening. Not like anything was ever going to happen between us because we are JUST friends. At least I think we are. I hope we are.

Now that his so called girlfriend quit maybe it would actually be easier for me . But that doesn't change for the fact that he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. No matter how cute or attractive I think he is.

- A