Canadian Cutie

Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2019-03-21 18:14:10 (UTC)

Under your scars

Listening to: Under your scars - Godsmack (addicting)
Under your scars I pray
You're like a shooting star in the rain
You're everything that feels like home to me, yeah
Under your scars, I could live inside you time after time
If you'd only let me live inside your mind
Live inside your mind
Wish you were here
Right beside me
So I could watch you sleep
Hold you body closer, breathe you deep
And everything feels broken
When you're not next to me
Would you still be you
If we weren't we

"Be easy to love, hard to break..and impossible to forget" ~ JM Storm

Good evening!🌙
It's the 1st full day of spring!
I have been away awhile... sorry, I have received messages asking if all is ok and....yes, all is perfect, thank you!❤.. I am very happy and content right now. My Sir and I are still going strong and we are in a good place.. Feel even closer to Him since we rediscovered our relationship. To quote Him as He said the time apart we got to see what was "missed and needed". We both feel like although we were not together, we never physically parted.. We still belonged to one another despite being with others.. it only solidified where we were meant to be and here we are :) Happy as can be, I am :) We had a few struggles where reminders each was with another.. it hurt us both in different ways for different reasons but ultimately I know I had His heart and He had mine. That...neither of us, gave another. It's always been Him❤

Works been good.. I am still working out but right now I am fighting a cold. Otherwise I am feeling good. Tomorrow is Friday and I am off this weekend as usual..Looking forward to relaxing some.

The down side lately is I had to put my dog down :( It broke my heart.. but she declined pretty much overnight and I had to make the decision for her..not for myself..Had I, she would still be here..but this wasn't about me.. I didn't want her to suffer.. I am at peace and I know she is too.. My daughter took it harder than anyone. That broke my heart but she knows it was for the best too. She is missed..but our puppy is giving extra loves. She will be missed.

Not much else to write.. So will end it here.. I hope everyone has an amazing evening!❤

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