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2019-03-21 19:57:35 (UTC)

Life lessons

I never knew why you isolated yourself so much. Who wants to be alone in this world? It’s scary enough as it is. I get it now. You’re tired of being hurt and people turning on you in your life. I’ve had difficulties but nothing compared to what others have gone through. I guess certain things matter more to yourself than others. Right now, I feel lost. I’ve felt like this for so long, but I have great things going on in my life too. So I shouldn’t be feeling this way. We just all know different hardships. I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through and I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more through it. I’m sorry things didn’t work out between us. I needed to do something for myself. I’m sorry that you always felt like the victim. I never wanted you to feel like that. I wanted to make you feel like you could always come to me with your problems. I need to get through my head that some people don’t need to talk everything to death like I do. Different things work for different people. You knew I was always there for you, but you pushed and pushed and pushed me away. I attempted to come back and you wouldn’t let me. You just cut me out. How do you think that made me feel? That one of my closest friends, someone who I spent 4/7 days of the week with, road trips every weekend along the east coast, all the endless soccer games and tournaments, just left? You weren’t the only one who was hurt. I do understand now how you felt that we talked. When I would ask you for help or just needed a shoulder to cry on you brushed me off told me it didn’t matter. Like I said before some things matter Moore to others. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, all I needed was to talk and you didn’t even let me do that. I guess some things just happen for a reason and life gives you lessons along the way. Hey bud was one of them.