Experienced Life
2019-03-20 20:27:04 (UTC)

Gym today

Gym was pretty cool today. My 20 yr old friend came. She was out for a week. She said she was sick. Still sounded funny but she still kicked ass. She was always a superstar in my eyes from the day I joined the gym. She pointed to her shoes and it was the ones I got her for her b-day and she said it fit perfectly :) Such a cool friend. Told her I missed her and that she's the only one that pushes me to go faster or harder because without her, I'm usually up front or ahead of my little clique. I need to be pushed to my limits messed up arm or no messed up arm.

The owner of the house is coming this Friday for a normal annual termite inspection. I asked my roomie to go away for a couple hrs this Friday and I had boxes of crap in the hallway for her (her helper actually) fill her room up to make it look like storage instead of her bedroom. It was all set until I found out that my roomie thinks she is getting kicked out. She already started packing and she probably spoke to a dude from the pizza place she hangs out at and he already offered her to live with him I guess? I dunno. Crazy lady I tell you. There might be some evil people out there too just wanting to fuck her maybe. I am concerned but only up to a point. After a little while, it's not my problem. She is a grown woman and I'm not going to protect her from the world. I will have my opinions and suggestions but that's all I can do. The rest is up to her.

In other news, my alarm is going to be tweaked tomorrow and they will come to my work place to work on the impact sensor. That's cool. May as well get some of my money's worth on it. Then on Friday, I get my Tonneau cover installed. It's going to be badass and I'll post a link here when It's done.

I'm still doing ok for finances this month. I've been saving a lot of money on dinners lately because I either just have chicken and broccoli or my friends come over for dinner and I just do nothing :) In April, not sure what accessories I'll be getting for my truck. I may hold off for a few months on the rock sliders or just go ahead and put nerf bars on instead. I still want my HID lights so maybe I'll sneak that in for April.

No call from Carrie. No call or text from my ex wife telling me how her surgery went. Of course, no call or text from my ex gf. So far, this romance or lack of romance relationship has helped me out tremendously on my finances. haha.