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2019-03-20 23:11:45 (UTC)

Thirteen Evening

Its evening time currently and here i am again writing another entry with more thoughts as mind but this one pertains to the entries i have read as of late. There is people here that quite have interest, questions, doubts, among other feelings that all humans experience. For me, there is things i have done that i know are wrong or just against what i am as a person which i must work harder and not give up. They are mere enemies to my thought process and function as they attempt to stir me away from my path of what i chose over four years and eight days ago. For the last four years, i found my true self and once i found it, things had changed within me and who i was faded away into the darkness. Even though it had happened that way, its a mere after image, it continues or attempting to take my path away in order to restore itself. You would say its the "flesh", i am not saying about the skin on our bodies. Though i won't explain it much further and detail, though yet again i am sure there is people that could easily figure out what i mean like its a riddle and they have the glasses to see through it. Perhaps whoever reads this may figure out what i mean, until then, signing off.

May Blessings Be With All Of You :)

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