Experienced Life
2019-03-19 23:37:52 (UTC)

Gym was fun once again

So our gym clique is getting closer. Funny thing, one lady says she's just 18. We only know because it was her birthday recently. Weird, she looks much older. Then there is another lady that looks like she's 19 but she told me she's 33 years old. I tell you..haha. Gym peeps surprise me. Anyway, we had a great day. I like the weighted sled routine. My calves seem to be one of my better traits and I was passing people by. I guess even the 18 yr old lady and this big dude that seems like he'd be stronger but he was struggling. haha. The other routine was ropes. Grab two ropes and make waves outta them with your arms. Today was TABADA so we crank it up as fast as we can for 20 seconds, rest 10, and then hit it up again. It was fun but by the 4th-5th time, peeps were running out of gas and was slowing down. Again, it was fun.

Got home and was thinking about the washing machine I fixed yesterday. it was clogged with all kinds of stuff. Coins, lint, and about 7-8 nerf bullets. Had to smile because it was there when the kiddos lived with me. Bittersweet feeling. Sort of like them saying here we are, don't forget us Dad. haha I miss the kiddos. Too bad the ex wife isn't thinking what's best for them and just what's best for her. Wonder how her surgery went today? She said she'd have surgery again. Hmmmm. Oh well.... hope she'll be ok.

I finally got my bed cover scheduled for install this Friday. Can't wait. It'll make my truck way more useful and actually a bit cooler looking. On Thursday, I have the the auto alarm installer come to my work place and adjust the sensitivity on the impact sensor. It's set at the most sensitive but it's still not good enough so they'll come by to see what's what.

I rechecked my budget this month and it looks like I may be able to save some money. So... this'll help my trips this year. I hope so anyway. Would like to see Oregon, Alaska, and even South Korea.Why? Just because it's there :) Just hope my neck don't snap off before then. haha.

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