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2019-03-20 01:56:07 (UTC)


I am so sick and tired of my parents leaving. Why can't they just stay? I am a teenager. I shouldn't have to worry about when I will eat or whether I will have someone to take care of me. I shouldn't have to worry about whether someone will be home or not for the night. I am so sick and tired of worrying. Why can't I be a carefree teenager? It is so retarded. My friends all think I am okay. My boyfriend doesn't really know what happens at my house and it sucks because I need someone but I hate relying on people to make me feel better. My parents are not much help because they are the reason I have depression. I wish someone would understand. I am exhausted. When I say I am tired. I am not tired as in sleepy. I am tired as in I need someone to help me. I need someone to say I am here for you. :( I wanna have worth.

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