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2019-03-20 00:22:30 (UTC)

Nights filled Empty

I haven't wrote for a long time and i tried to recover my old journal but here is to a new one. In my old entries, the past was written and so was it became part of the person i am today. There is scars and then there is the scars that have healed without remorse. For a couple years now i have been dating a very wonderful girl, beautiful, crazy, and silly beyond anything i have ever imagined. Some of you may think"She is the not the person for me then", well i am here to tell you that she is someone to live for and support strongly. At this moment as i write this journal entry, i feel sorrow and loneliness in my heart due to that i haven't heard from her for a long while. I miss her very much but am i willing to go through all of this feeling? Yes very strongly i do because no relationship is perfect i ensure to all of you who read this. Its not going to be rosy and daisies in a relationship no matter how many times you slice it. However, there is something that is way stronger then some complicated or something else along the lines of relationship. Its the love you carry for them in your heart that helps you carry on no matter the anguish that comes out of it. My girl is someone that i consider my best friend and who shares the same pains as i do as we trend through nights not able to communicate due to life and business applying itself in the roots. She lives in another state then i do, that is one part of it but there is another i would only discuss in private conversations if someone so wished wanted to know the other part of course. If someone request the other part, then they can't blame me what i may say next and with explanation of why the other part of my life. Even when anger will rise or whatever other feeling, they can only look at the fact they asked with curiosity, wanting a peek into someone's life.

P.S. More entries of my life will come along, but this moment was needed to be ridden out of heart onto a blog or paper. Either way works.
Signing off,