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2019-03-19 13:50:08 (UTC)

a matrix

He fills us with his spirit so we are not afraid, instead, we are full of power, love and self control. I need to continue to show love, demonstrate my inner and mental strength and be controlled in what I do. These are testing times. I continue to move ahead and be a better person, preparing myself for my assignment in this world. I have abandoned my sport trading business. I will o longer be pursuing that or spending money on sport outcomes. This is a final decision. It has no place in where I am going so it has to be discarded.
This week is crucial to my son as he has to accept his scholarship offer by end of next week at the very latest. Ideally he has to accept this week. I can't believe his mother is still saying no, for him to accept his football scholarship into an american university. It baffles me. I have sent her a 6 page email explaining the virtues of him accepting this offer. I hope she sees sense as I am praying about it.

My finances continue to dominate my thinking. I have to sort out my expenses for march and April and I have no funds. I have some repayments I have to make soon and I have no source of income absolutely nothing! Its like a dark clod hoovering above me. Now my brother requires money for solicitors urgently and my mum wants me to use money she and my dad have with me to pay for his solicitors but I have borrowed that money to pay my rent! Its a mess! I just don't even know where to start from.