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2019-03-18 17:22:19 (UTC)

First physical therapy

I saw a Physical Therapist for the first time ever. She showed me some stretches I need to do at home . My left arm is getting numb and right arm is starting to feel the same because I've been favoring my right arm more now and it sucks because I'm left handed to being with. Sigh..... Anyway, she took a look at my x rays and see that the space between my c6 and c7 bone in my neck is not spaced out enough. That's because it's been doing more work since I had a c4-c5 and c5-c6 fusion years ago.

So I get to do neck stretches. Whoop-to-effing-do!! Not going to be the long term solution. I know I don't want another fusion because that will really limit my neck mobility. I think instead, I may get a cadaver bone to space out my c6-c7 area. Again, sigh............ My PT said that's probably where most of my numbness issue is coming from. Regarding the pain in my right shoulder, she said it's because when I lift my arm, there is a bone with no space between it and another bone so I inflame that area. She suggested I ice it down after a workout. She did say that in extreme cases, they go in and shave the bone down to alleviate the pain so I won't have bone-to-bone rubbing anymore. Well, again this is another sigh moment. So..... sigh..... haha.

Oherwise she says I'm strong. Bones look good. I have good mobility. yada yada yada....

Came home and see that the washer is acting up. I guess I have to the a look at it and see if I can fix it. I checked youtube and saw that there might be a clog in the drain. Going to take it apart and check it out.