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2019-03-18 10:46:30 (UTC)


It's been along day!!
This month makes me feel so stress.. Actually its hard to make a research paper in your whole life that you be more study about your topic.. Because no research no grades... School is like a game in the first its be easy and if you go on in on it can be a difficult.. So hard...
Sometimes many thought that comes to my mind and always say to myself if I can do it anymore or not.... Its so very pressure this month, sometimes I cried if I can't take it anymore... It just like you put an effort for that but in the end its wrong.. like you feel so disappointed anymore.. I always pray before I go to sleep.. that I can do it.. I can do it like everyone do.. I always looking the past that how many times that I cried for this paper... I CAN DO IT NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN I CAN DO IT THERE"S NO EXCUSES TO GIVE UPPPP....,,,

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