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2019-03-17 22:33:53 (UTC)

Failed after church

Well, went to church today. Seemed like the message was for me. Love God and love your neighbor. I think it meant for me to be nicer to my roomie. Even if you don't feel like it. I shouldn't judge her that she drinks too much, smokes too much. Doesn't work out. Not that she doesn't work out but she is just drinking her life away. She has a bleak look on life and although it's not her fault, she isn't fully mentally functional so she's mad at herself I guess. I try but she now assumes she's invited to hang out with my friends and I when we have dinner and stuff. Thens she is always in a grumpy mood. It's not a positive impact in my life. I'm trying hard to stay positive myself. I'm not near being out of the woods with my issues. I just chose to try to make the most of it. Well, after the 6th time of her asking if we're going out and my replying we aren't going anywhere except dinner with my friends, I had to tell her I told her this for the 6th time already that we are staying home. Not in the nicest way too. So maybe I was a little snippy and it pissed her off. Like I said, I sure didn't represent being a loving neighbor. Not at all. Fail...

Then FB messed up and popped up a memory without the pre-warning so I can delete without seeing it. Well, it was from last year's St Patty party with my ex gf. Bummed me out a bit. I guess it hurt. But I also know that memories are like files. it's like a recording. I'm actually fine, safe and sound. This is just a recording of the past and it comes with past emotions. I am fine and I know files of the past come with emotions. I realize that and I can move on :)

On the not so serious side, I managed to wax and put some extra coats of was on my roof, tailgate, and hood. No fancy sealant, ceramic, blah, blah, blah type of wax. Just a classic Meguires wax. Came out nice. Then I used 303 conditioner for the interior. Here is how it looks after getting waxed :)