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2019-03-17 07:25:40 (UTC)

Friends are coming for dinner

In bed having a cup of coffee again. How boring. Not!!!!! I'm going to miss the cold temps as summer comes along. Won't make having coffee in bed and snuggled under a blanket the same. Going to have to switch my my soft and warm fleece sheets to the regular cotton sheets soon. haha. What a nice problem to have.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone is going to get a little fatter today eating corn beed and cabbage. That's what my friend will be making anyway. Maybe play some darts too but it's not fun anymore with my arm not being happy. I'm sure my rating will adjust accordingly and I will drop another rating this season.

I was able to wash and wax my truck yesterday. Dang!! It's a lot bigger than my Acura TL for sure. Forget trying to put a 2nd coat of wax. Although, I did manage to treat my front carpet with a waterproof spray so spills should not soak into the carpet and just bead off. Maybe today I'll put rain-ex on the windshield and 303 on the inside plastics, dash, etc. I think it's good for my leather seats too. I do need some torx bits. Can't find mine and I need to install the cab bed rail that came in yesterday.

I'm going to miss gym today but I'll make the 11:30 AM church service. Haha. Yeah, I still laugh at myself saying that. Me going to church. But hey, stranger things have happened in my life and I have to say that I am happy to I'm going to keep at it.

Also, looks like I'll make it through the month financially. I wasn't as bad off as I thought. My first Toyota payment is due next month on the 7th or 9th. So that means I got some cash to play with this month because I had allotted my budget for a truck payment this month. I think I'm good.

Not sure how much longer I have to wait for my Diamondback cover. I'm sure it's coming maybe in a week or so? I should be getting a call in soon from the place I ordered it from. I also ordered some interior accessories like light up coasters for my cup holder. vinyl decals for my indented emblems. My under dash lighting with multi color options via a remote control hasn't arrived yet too. Also need a hitch attachment and ball eventually if I want to tow my kayak trailer. Shit, one good thing about buying this truck, it got me off of QVC. haha!!

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