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2019-03-15 10:40:23 (UTC)

5K last ditch attempt

Well, I threw in my last pitch for the 5K I was hoping to get. Doesn't look good. Dang it!! Haha. Oh well, it actually only means that it'll take a tad bit longer to accessorize my Tacoma. I think April will be just HID lights, under dash lighting, and led, interior light conversion. Rock sliders may have to wait till May or June. I really wanted those because it'll block other cars from being able to door-ding my truck. That really isn't the main purpose for it. It actually is used for 4 wheeling to be used to slide over rocks instead of getting the truck frame on one. Oh well.

Got dinner at my place again with friends so it should be fun tonight. I agreed to join them this coming season for dart league but my arm is so messed up with this carpal thing, I may roll down again in my dart rating. Sigh... That part sucks but I guess it's good because that'll be even less times hitting the bars where we play. Not going to find the love of my life anytime there for sure :) haha.

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